Enroll In Benefits

Once you are an employee at Brooks, you will be able to make your benefit elections online. Simply follow the steps below to enroll in benefits once you're eligible:

Create an account

Visit http://benefits.plansource.com

Username will be your first initial + up to the first six characters of your last name + last four of social. (Ex: Jsmith0410).

Password is your date of birth in the following format, YYYYMMDD. Once you log in for the first time you will be asked to set a new password.

Complete your profile

You will be asked to review your profile, if any of your demographic information is incorrect please reach out to Brooks.Benefits@brooksrehab.org

Once reviewed, you can then edit your family and add your dependents that you wish to cover on the plans, you will need their date of birth and social security numbers.

Select your benefits

Shop each benefit offering, choosing your desired election under the appropriate plan, or declining the benefit entirely. Once in the plan, you will need to select each family member you want to cover and then 'update cart'.

You will be required to assign a beneficiary to the required plans before check out. Once you have reviewed and check out, you may opt to have a confirmation emailed to your Brooks email address.

Have a question about your benefits? We're here to help.