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Can the Funds in an HSA Be Invested?

Yes, you can invest the funds in your HSA. The same types of investments permitted for IRAs are allowed for…

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Can I Use the Money in My HSA to Pay for My Dependents’ Medical Expenses Tax-Free?

You can use your HSA money to pay for the qualified medical expenses of yourself, your spouse or your dependent…

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What Happens to My HSA Dollars if I Leave Brooks?

The funds are yours to keep. You may elect one of the following tax-free options: Leave your funds in the…

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What if I Have HSA Dollars Left in My Account at Year-End?

The money is yours to keep. It will continue to earn interest and will be available for you and your…

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How Can I Pay My Physician or Network Facility at Time of Service With My HSA Dollars?

You may request that the network provider submit your claim to your HDHP. You should make sure that your provider…

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When, and How Often, Can I Contribute to My HSA Account?

You, Brooks Rehabilitation or others can contribute to your HSA account through payroll deductions or as a lump sum deposit.…

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When Can I Start Using My HSA Dollars?

You can use your HSA dollars immediately following your HSA account activation and once contributions have been made.

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Can I Use My HSA Dollars for Other Expenses?

You are permitted to take a distribution from your HSA at any time and for any reason; however, only those…

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What Medical Expenses Are NOT Eligible for Tax-Free Reimbursement From My HSA?

The following medical expenses may not be reimbursed from an HSA on a tax-free basis: Premiums for Medicare supplemental policies…

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