Medical Plan

Your medical plan is provided by Blue Cross and Blue Shield, with your prescription drug plan being provided by Express Scripts.

2021 Medical Plan Details

Blue Plus Medical Plan
Calendar Year Deductible
Employee Only /
Employee + Dependent(s)
If you cover family members on the plan,
the Employee Only deductible does not apply.
$1,500 / $3,000$3,000 / $6,000
Plan Pays / Member Pays
80% / 20%70% / 30%
Primary Care Office Visit20% after CYD30% after CYD
Specialist Office Visit20% after CYD30% after CYD
Routine / Preventive 100%
CYD does not apply
30% after CYD
Urgent Care Visit20% after CYD30% after CYD
Emergency Room Visit20% after CYD20% after CYD
Inpatient Services20% after CYD30% after CYD
Outpatient Services20% after CYD30% after CYD
Independent Diagnostic Labs20% after CYD30% after CYD
Generic / Preferred Brand / Non-Preferred Brand
CYD then $10 / $35 / $60N/A
Calendar Year Out-of-Pocket Maximum
Individual / Family
$6,000 / $12,000$12,000 / $24,000

Make Sure To Use Doctors and Providers That Are in Our Plan's Network

It will significantly reduce your out-of-pocket medical expenses and ensure any costs you incur are applied towards your plan's deductible and out-of-pocket maximum (out-of-network costs don't count).

To find an in-network medical provider

  • Visit Florida Blue's My Health Toolkit Provider Search
  • Enter the first 3 letters of our plan's network, which is KYY and click or tap continue
  • You'll be prompted to enter the location you want to find a provider in and click or tap continue
  • Now just search for the people, places, services, or treatments you're looking for

To find an in-network pharmacy

Prescription Plan Details

Your pharmacy benefit is administered through Express Scripts (ESI). You can manage your medications anywhere, any time with the Express Scripts mobile app, or on

Prescription bottle icon

Choose Generic Medication When Possible

Choosing a generic medication is a great way to help save on costs. Ask your doctor if there is a generic option for any medication you are currently taking, or the next time the doctor is writing you a new prescription.

You can also use your pharmacist as a resource to uncover possible generic substitutes.

Delivery truck icon

Save With Home Delivery

By choosing a 90-day supply of your long-term maintenance medication, you will save both time and money. No-cost home delivery can save you time with fewer trips to the pharmacy. Prior to your medicine shipping, a pharmacist will review all prescriptions to ensure they are accurate.  All medication arrives in a private, tamper-resistant package.

Medical Plan Rates

Full-Time Employee

Rates shown are per pay period for 24 pay periods (you will have 2 pay periods without a contribution).

 IP/OP/Halifax/CorporateHomecare & Aging
Employee Only$35.00$20.00
Employee & Spouse$209.00$209.00
Employee & Child(ren)$170.00$170.00
Employee & Family$300.00$300.00

Part-Time Employees

Rates shown are per pay period for 24 pay periods (you will have 2 pay periods without a contribution).

 IP/OP/Halifax/CorporateHomecare & Aging
Employee Only$77.64$77.64
Employee & Spouse$376.05$376.05
Employee & Child(ren)$329.53$329.53
Employee & Family$540.25$540.25

HSA Funding

Below are the contributions that employees enrolled through October 1st will receive. If you are effective after 1/1/2021 it will be a prorated amount each month after. To check your HSA balance please create an account at My HSA Bank Account, if you have trouble logging in you can call them directly at 800-357-6246. Please note, effective 1/1/2021, you will no longer be able to check your HSA balance through My Health Toolkit.

Employee Only$375$375
Employee & Child(ren)$500$500
*Employee & Spouse
*Employee & Family

*When your covered spouse completes the Health Assessment, you will earn the extra $250.

Month Benefits
Become Effective
Initial Employer
HSA Contribution
Initial Employer HSA Contribution
Employee + Child(ren)
February 01, 2021$312.50$416.67
March 01, 2021$250.00$333.33
April 01, 2021$187.50$250.00
May 01, 2021$125.00$166.67
June 01, 2021$62.50$83.33
July 01, 2021$375$500.00
August 01, 2021$312.50$416.67
September 01, 2021$250.00$333.33
October 01, 2021$187.50$250.00

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Stay Connected With Your Medical Benefits On-the-Go

My Health Toolkit

My Health Toolkit

Download your ID card, check the balance of your HSA, and access Rally to take your Health Assessment Survey to earn wellness points and rewards

Express Scripts icon

Express Scripts

Access Rx card, refill mail service prescriptions, and check drug coverage and cost under your plan

PlanSource app


View your current FSA balance and take photos of your receipts to file a claim right in the app.

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