Vision Plan

Our dental and vision coverage is provided by MetLife. Vision providers can be found here. Make sure to choose the MetLife Vision PPO Network when performing your search.

Plan Features

Plan FeatureIn-Network Provider*
Vision Examination
Once every 12 months
Plan pays in full after a $15 copay
Once every 12 months
Plan pays in full after you pay a $25 materials copay
Once every 24 months
In 2020, your material copay covers up to $150 frame allowance with a 20% discount over $150.
Contact Lenses Exam
Once every 12 months in lieu of lenses and frames exam
Plan pays in full after you pay a $15 copay
Contact Lenses
Once every 12 months, including fitting and evaluation
Plan provides a $150 allowance

*There is out-of-network coverage as well. See your vision plan summary below in the downloadable resources section for more details.

Plan Rates

Rates shown are per pay period for 24 pay periods (you will have 2 pay periods without a contribution).

Coverage TypeFull-TimePart-Time
Employee Only$2.66$3.66
Employee + One$5.40$6.40
Employee + Two or more$8.42$9.42

Downloadable Resources

Benefits Guide

2022 Benefits Guide

This booklet is an overview of the comprehensive benefits package offered to you by Brooks

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Plan Summary

2022 MetLife Vision Plan Summary

This document provides a summary of the types of services your vision plan covers.

Download now

Purchase Eligible Products on Amazon with Your HSA or FSA

This Know Your Benefits article discusses how you can purchase eligible medical products with your flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) on Amazon.

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